Labiaplastys? Male Vaginas? GENITALIA!

At the meeting on 3/23 we dedicated the entire discussion to genitalia, a.k.a we talked about penises and vaginas on female, male, and transgendered bodies for an hour. What could be better?! We started off by watching some videos to show a variety of perspectives on genitalia.

We saw The Labiaplasty You Never Knew You Wanted to give us a look into the wide range of what Labias really look like and how our perceptions of them are skewed due to photo shopping of women in many magazines that show frontal nudity.
WARNING: there are some explicit surgery scenes of labiaplastys, so If you get queasy watching classic Nip/Tuck scenes, overt your eyes!

Colonel Dicks? Seargent Dicks?

Next, we watched a short clip from the perfectly named Private Dicks), which showed testimonials of men talking about their penises and how their penis size effects their self esteem in and out of the bedroom.

Lastly, we perused the website of Buck Angel, one of the first female to male transgendered porn stars who identifies with the male gender as well as his vagina.

If you missed the discussion or have something else to add please comment about any of these videos or anything pertaining to the topic of genitalia! IF YOU ARE INSPIRED, SUBMIT SOMETHING ABOUT GENITALIA TO THE MAGAZINE!!!! A description, story, third person narrative from the perspective of your genitalia…..get creative!

Reminder: Deadline to submit is April 3rd, it’s VERY quickly approaching so get on it!


3 thoughts on “Labiaplastys? Male Vaginas? GENITALIA!

  1. I was reading up on the parallels between Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and labiaplasties and came across the World Health Organization’s definition of FGM. It broadly classifies FGM as any unnecessary/harmful medical procedure to the female genitalia. Based on that I’d argue that labiaplasties are a form of genital mutilation.

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