The 2nd Edition of Bare is finally here!! From 1-3 pm on Thursday, May 5th we will be passing out the magazine for FREE on Case Walkway.  Make sure you get there because there are limited color copies!

Reasons you should come and get Bare:

  1. There will be music by Boyfriend, Jon & Zoe & Leo, and Houseboat.
  2. Eat yummy snacks of many sorts.
  3. You can read and view over 50 beautiful, provocative, and truthful writing pieces and artistic representations done by your peers about sex and sexuality.
  4. You can schmooze with the creators and contributors of the magazine!
  5. Look at some boobs and penises. If that doesn’t get you, I don’t know what else will…
  6. It has a bigger, better format than the 1st edition!

Facebook Event

See you there!

P.S -Thank you to all of you who submitted this semester and contributed to the process.  We had more submissions than ever and could not have done it without you!


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