I bet you thought we were talking about “shit” and sex tomorrow night; what is your most preferred type of poop to look for in a partner? Ever started to poop in a specific sex position? GOT YA! Folks, SlutWalk is quickly approaching on Saturday, October 1st and to get our minds rolling on the topic we will be talking all about the word “slut” at our meeting tomorrow.  What does it mean to you? When was the last time you used it in conversation? How do males identify with the word vs. women?  Start thinking about your own experiences with the word “slut” and bring them to the meeting tomorrow!  LADD 207 @ 8:15 pm. In the meantime, read “After Class, Skimpy Equality” by clicking on the picture below and check out the Blogroll for a link to SlutWalk NYC’s website to hold your excited anticipation over until the meeting.

**We are currently working very speedily on BARE sponsoring a bus to NYC so that you all can participate in the SlutWalk on Oct 1st!! More details will be coming VERY SOON so keep checking the blog!


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