BARE does SlutWalk NYC!

Nearly 55 Bare and FAN (Feminist Action Network) members filled a bus from Skidmore to Union Square to march in solidarity with the people of New York City in SlutWalk NYC.  It was a powerful, meaningful, and invigorating experience for all who attended, and we hope that these pictures give you an idea of what the environment was like.  Thanks to all who sent in pictures!  After, you should go here to read the incredible speeches that were made after the two hour walk around the city.  This Saturday is Stomp & Holler in Northampton, a rally that stands with SlutWalks all around the world but with a new name! What do you think about the name change?  Email or just show up in Case Center lot at 9:30 on Saturday morning to go to Northampton with other Bare-ians!

What do you think of those Fuck Bigots and Consent is Sexy shirts?  Keep your eyes peeled for BARE selling these shirts sometime soon on campus to raise money and awareness!! THEY COULD BE YOURS!

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One thought on “BARE does SlutWalk NYC!

  1. What misguided display of ignorance and wasted time for an utterly pointless ’cause.’ You’d think a law had been passed allowing rapists to rape women who were dressed slutty. Instead this whole ridiculous, backwards ‘movement’ was spawned from an off-hand comment. A shame these people obviously don’t have anything better to do with their time…

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