Genitalia Part II & Inspiring Videos!

At our last meeting we talked all about genitalia!  Some questions we discussed are…how do you feel about yours?  Have you had any interactions with others that have changed how you feel about them?  What is your earliest memory of them? How do you prefer your pubic hair?  Why does ______(discreet location in town) smell like penis?  Is there even one smell for a penis?

Here is one quote that I feel summed up the positive energy of the meeting:

People are so self conscious about what other people think, but I’ve never met a vagina that I didn’t like!

We had a meeting last year where we talked about genitalia, but we focused more on transgender genitalia and genital mutilation rather than personal experiences. You can go here to see media related to that!

We also watched these videos of Andrea Gibson simply to inspire us!  For those of you who don’t know her, Andrea Gibson is an award-winning slam poet who writes using themes that deconstruct gender norms, sexuality, class, patriarchy, and white supremest capitalist culture.  She came to Skidmore last spring and rocked the socks off of everyone who attended.  Watch these videos and you’ll get what she’s all about!

And if you are still procrastinating from doing work, you should watch this great video also!

BARE is CANCELLED this week because you should all go to the new Alcohol and Drug Policy Q & A at 7 pm, or the Beehive Collective Meeting at 7pm in the Spa.  We’ll miss you all, but see you next week!


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