BARE: Spring Edition

PEOPLE we’re so so so close to the very new and exciting spring semester of BARE!! I hope you’ve all been PYOTing over break. This upcoming semester is going to be especially wonderful because of the fresh and incredibly sexy new e-board with co-presidents Kyle Giard-Chase and Lily Manangiello, vice president Brie Wood, treasurer Miguel Gonzales, and me!- Christina Walker as secretary.

I know I can speak for everyone when I say we are all psyched as hell to be leading such an awesome and open group of people. Last semester we had a great turnout and we hope to get even more members to the upcoming meetings! If you’ve never been please come and join us for a meeting and try it out. Everything is totally confidential and nothing said leaves the room. We’re totally committed to making Bare a safe, open space for sexual (and any other sort of) dialogue. I don’t believe we have an official time set yet for the meetings yet, but I think we’re leaning towards Wednesdays so hopefully that works for you and everyone you know.

We have a really exciting semester planned with a bunch of incredible things in mind already including guest speakers, falstaff’s events (one’s even food related because who doesn’t like to grub?), and we’re going to organize some smaller activist groups as well. And don’t forget the RELEASE PARTY at the end of the semester!! The weekend update after that should be extra special. What could be better??

This semester we’re going to try to do a lot more outside of the once a week timeslot to 1. give the club more meaning and 2. actually get to know other club members on a friendly level. This way when you see them at some Scribner party you know you have more in common than sneezing when you masturbate. Or whatever. We’re doing this because we love you.

AAAAAaaaand don’t forget to work on some submissions while you’re wrapping up your break for the lovely Bare publication that will make its debut at the end of the semester. What else do you have to do? Are any of your friends even still home? I didn’t think so. If you’re stuck you can go to the Need Help Writing? link at the top of the page or click right there. Don’t forget that you can submit more than prose or poetry, we also like drawings, photos, and pictures of other artistic mediums. Usually we’re lacking on the dick pics so you can totally send those our way. Artistically of course- keep it classy. The instructions on how to submit are at the top right corner of the blog so send away!!!

We’ll be waiting. See you soon!


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