So one of the main original purposes of BARE is to put out a publication that celebrates sex, sexuality, and gender through all sorts of artistic mediums. That’s coming out in April and it will be amazing BUUUT we need more submissions to put in this wonderful magazine. And we need some time to make it beautiful and it’s already March.   eek 

So the deadline to submit your prose, poetry, songs, or art is March 21st or the Wednesday after we come back from break. Sooo when you’re all caught up on Parks and Rec and you’re looking for something to do, make something wonderful to submit and contribute to this wonderful publication!! Look on the sidebar for some tips to help you start writing!

Also there’s a release party in late April to celebrate all that is BARE. And if you submit, that means you’ll basically be one of the guests of honor. Or you could at least tell people that. Feel free to use that line to help you get laid that night …for real though, I’m tryin to help you out.

To add to the prestige- there will also be a gallery show of all accepted works in late April, in addition to an opening reception where the written works will be read aloud. So if you get into the publication you’ll actually be Skid famous and that’s pretty hot.

In other news:

Many people have experienced blatant acts of homophobia at Putnam Den and recently people have decided to do something about it so look out for the QUEER TAKEOVER of Putnam Den either the first or second Thursday after spring break- we’ll confirm that soon. So come out with us that night to be loud and proud; it’s 18+ and no cover, make sure to give them none of your money that night so as not to support their unfair business practices.

If you’d like more information on what’s sparked this or what exactly the event will be, feel free to comment!

EDIT: The cover for this event will be $10 for 18+ and $5 for 21+. Also the way money will be handled at this event has been changed. If you’d like more details feel free to message or comment.

Come to BARE this Wednesday at 8:15 in Ladd 206 for a talk on the Karma Sutra and an extra special thank you to Salome for an absolutely increeeedible breathing and movement session last week. If you weren’t there you seriously missed out because she was awesome and I could seriously feel the whole energy of the room change afterwards. So wonderful! And who knows, maybe she’ll be back.

hope you all PYOTed this weekend !


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