Helllooooo everybody! It’s been a while.

This past Monday was our Case Gallery Opening and it went so well! I’m so proud of the e-board and the editors and everyone else that made the gallery SO. GREAT. thanks to everyone that made that happen.

It will be open all week, so if you missed the opening on Monday, please stop by and check it out and also pick up a copy of BARE! They turned out beautifully- congratulations to everyone who was published and all the editors for putting together such a great publication.

Special shout out to Olivia Morrow and Sarah Rosenblatt for being amazing and founding this incredible club. (And also for putting together two awesome theses).

I’m not sure if Sarah’s graphic novel is still for sale, but I’m prettyyyy sure that she was getting in a shipment this week so. if you get the chance- pick up a copy for a suggested donation of $5. it’s totally hilarious and wonderful just like Sarah.

UPDATE: Sarah will be selling them tomorrow, May 8, in Case from 2-3PM

Liv presented her film- Sinister Speech: the power of “slut” in American Culture at Academic Festival yesterday, but I believe she’s trying to do another showing sometime this week. Also, she said she’d burn a copy for whomever wants one for just the price of the DVD ($2?) so check it out, it’s a really powerful piece (and I’m totally in it. or different parts of my body.. intrigued? thought so.)

On another note, look out for the (slightly) new e-board next year —

Co-Presidents : Lily and Kyle

Vice President: Seth

Treasurer: Miguel

Secretary: Christina (me. if you didn’t know by now.)

I can’t believe the year is over :(  But next semester is going to be awesome! So we’ll SEE YOU THEN!

and maaaybe we’ll have a real partay soon?! so we can see all of your beautiful faces one last time??

I’m trying guys. I really am.


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