Groovy Movie Sunday

This semester, every couple of Sundays we’re going to have a film filled afternoon! Get excited.

So this is a chance to get exposed to movies that have to do with sex, sexuality, gender and anything that we may be relevant to BARE. It’s also a chance to spend more time with US and maybe flirt with that cute kid that sits alllll the way across the room from you during meetings. Sometimes you make flirty eye contact, but do they feel the same way? Who knows.   College is hard, but we’re here to make it easier for you. I really want you all to PYOT (put yourself out there, if you haven’t heard) and that goes for platonically too! It’s what? week three and I’m already nursing about 3 full blown friend crushes, you gotta work for those too. Sometimes I think they’re even more difficult because you can’t just get drunk, put your hand on their thigh, and tell them they’re cute; you have to actually have a conversation. A series of conversations. BUT if you come hang out with us and a good movie one Sunday now you have some material. BOOM conversation starter. BOOM friendship.

So here’s the list we compiled last meeting:

  • Pariah
  • Hysterical Literature
  • Born into Brothels
  • American Beauty
  • Kids
  • Zoo (documentary about beastiality)
  • unknown title –documentary about the intersexed body
  • Fetishes (about BDSM)
  • Lars and the Real Girl
  • Nine (musical)
  • Vicky cristina Barcelona
  • Make Love Not Porn (Ted Talk)
  • This Film Is Not Yet Rated
  • XXY
  • Flesh and Blood
  • Paris is Burning

Literature that you can check out on your own:

  • The Miller’s Tale
  • Sex With Kings

Please feel free to comment and add to the list(s)!!! We’ll let you know when the first Sunday viewing is.

See you tomorrow!! WEDNESDAY 8PM LADD 206


EDIT: Also if you’d like to contribute to the planning of the meetings, please come by the e-board meeting tonight at 6:30 PM at the Case couches.


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