Let’s talk about facebook for a hot sec…

Hello baby BAREs!

I hope you’ve all had time to look at the nu project (http://thenuproject.com), posted earlier this weekend on this very blog!  If not, you should! The project is an interesting and inspiring look at some of the art we loooove to put in the BARE magazine. 

While there are obvious critiques of the nu project, the overall message of accepting multiple versions of beauty and body shapes is, in its most base form, a positive one. An art project such as the nu project accomplishes the same as the BARE magazine (!!!!): getting us comfortable discussing sexuality. 

However! It has come to our attention that one of the original posters of the nu project to facebook has been contacted by the site and told their post has been removed. Here is a picture of what facebook shared with that user:


Now, in recognition of all the homophobic, racist, sexist, and generally derogatory language and photographs posted AND REMAINING on facebook and similar social media sites daily, we’re asking you, the BARE community, to weigh in:

Is facebook’s removal of the nu project a problem? Are we exacerbating our culture’s fear of nudity and healthy body image when we remove support for projects (like the nu project), but leave other forms of disrespectful (sometimes sexualized) material (be they media or personal postings) on facebook to be normalized? 

The answer is unclear, and we look to you, baby BAREs, to start the conversation. 

Much love, and see you all on Wednesday at 8pm for an absolutely FANTASTIC meeting and dialogue with the Skidmore Christian Fellowship!


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about facebook for a hot sec…

  1. Yes, this is a problem. Facebook is scared of the true, naked female form. It would rather post images of photoshopped women and models instead of the beauty of real women. This is sad. Sadly, I’m not surprised. Facebook is a conglomerate shit.

  2. Your blog was never neglected and I always enjoy reading your updates, so good luck with everything at work and keep blogging!

  3. Each blog is different and attracts a different crowd. I’ve worked with a couple of bicycle blogs and they found that their traffic from the US Pacific Northwest is consistent year around, and traffic from other geographic areas are highest in the spring and summer. It depends upon your audience and their online habits, something that would be fun to really explore thoroughly in detail.

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