We’re Back!

Hello Readers! Bare is so happy to be back! We have our first weekly meeting in room LADD 307 at 8pm. Meetings will be held at 8 instead of 9 this semester so keep that in mind (For the rest of the semester we’ll be back in LADD 206 as usual)
We’re kicking off this week back at Skidmore with the amazing guest speaker Sarah Mirk, online editor for bitch magazine!

WORKSHOP (5:00pm in the ICC)
Speak Up, Make Change
Don’t hate media, make media. Bitch Media Online Editor Sarah Mirk will talk with students about doing politically engaged and human-focused journalism and how work with media to promote your own passions. Mirk will focus on her own experience as a writer and editor at newspapers and national magazines, as well as her work researching and writing a forthcoming feminist guidebook to relationships called Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules.

LECTURE(8:00pm in FILENE Hall):
Mirk will walk students through five concrete ideas in current feminist media, illustrated these ideas by powerful art and activist projects groups have created in the United States in the past year. While there is lots of discussion about the death of journalism, this talk will show that journalism and feminist conversations these days are dynamic and very much alive.

Bitch is a national feminist response to pop culture magazine that has been publishing quarterly for 17 years. Online editor Sarah Mirk writes and edits daily articles for BitchMedia.org, hosts the magazine’s podcast Popaganda, and runs Bitch Media’s social media.


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