BARE is Skidmore College’s premiere Sex Publication and Open Forum. It was started in Spring of ’09 by inspired freshman, Olivia Morrow and Sarah Rosenblatt and since then we created our first extremely successful edition of BARE in Spring 2010. The meetings that we have once a week are discussion based, with topics ranging from the Skidmore hook-up culture, porn, and fetish’s, to polyamory, fantasies, and masturbation.


BARE is a forum whose purpose is to create an intimate and open community of sexual positivity through honest dialogue and the development of a safe space. BARE attempts to breakdown harmful sexual stereotypes and promote various forms of fulfilling, consensual sexuality. We aim to give a voice to the taboo, the shameful, the invisible and the unheard. Whether or not you agree with the opinions expressed herein, they are relevant to you and our campus [Skidmore College] because whether we abstain, enjoy, or dabble, we are all sexual beings.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Olivia! This is Julia Cox, we took race dialogues together freshman year, and I would love to get involved with BARE. When do you guys meet? Also I run a radio show called Music to Make Love to, and we address a lot of issues that you guys discuss here, and I would collaborate!


    • Hey Julia, did Olivia ever get back to you about BARE? I’d have to present the idea to the rest of the e-board, but I’m sure we could schedule a time to talk with you about some sort of collaboration.


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