Upcoming Events!

HI! It’s been a minute. I wanted to talk to you, I hope you’re well. There is SO much coming up in the next couple of months so here I am to inform you:

First and foremost we are beginning Body Art Love which is going to be headed by the fabulous VP Seth Johnstone. We’re going to begin casting THIS WEEK! (Oct 22-26) So look out for emails about that. We’re also trying to have a lil sexy casting party too so look out for that– maybe Thursday? EDIT: This is a thing. It’s happening this Th, we’ll update you all on the location at the meeting and via email if you can’t make the meeting.  (no classes on Friday hollaaa, and to my fellow Hunters- I salute you) . If ya haven’t heard, Body Art Love is a celebration of bodies. This gives participants an opportunity to cast a much loved or much hated body part in a papier-mâché like material and then paint and decorate that cast and hang it around campus as a celebratory art installment. COOL! I know you want to be a part of that so come hang out and dip your bits in some goo with us. 

-We’re trying to have another installment of the ever so popular Aphrodisiac Dinner, EDIT: the dinner will be Wednesday, November 7th!!

-Our biggest event this semester is definitely TAKE BACK THE NIGHT which will be after sundown on Sunday, November 18th. Take Back the Night is a rally that we’re putting on to raise awareness and combat sexual violence. The night will consist of a candlelight vigil, some A Capella, some bands, the incredible spoken word artist Kelly Tai, and more! So please come support the cause.

In lieu of that– we need money. So much money. And we’re definitely working on it BUT if you have any cool fundraising ideas, give a twist and a shout. PS thank you to everyone who supported the bake sale this past week!! Whether you helped bake or you bought something, you’re awesome and we made some money! 

-Last but certainly not least, we made the Skidmore Spur! (the naked calendar) I mean we were a shoe in but’s it’s still exciting. So I don’t know when that will be but start moisturizing because we don’t need any ashy knees in this calendar. Also, people are going to be looking at your naked ass for a whole month so consider that.

Here are some gems to chew on from last weeks meeting on PANSEXUALITY:

  • Pansexuals are really just equal opportunity lovers
  • Before you consider a label- can you really summarize your sexuality into one word?
  • Do you want to sleep with everyone of your preferred gender? No? Then why do you think that pansexuals are fucking everyone? Guess what. They’re not.

Here’s a cool article that was brought up on dating someone who transitioned:

The Anatomy of a Break Up

And gender-fluidity in children:

What’s So Bad About a Boy That Wants to Wear a Dress?

And here’s a song I downloaded just to put on a sex playlist. Enjoy! See you Wednesday 8PM, Ladd 206



So soon. This Thursday 2/23 at 8:30PM

If you signed up to make something and you haven’t been contacted about it, please email Lily at lmangani@skid or me at cwalker1@skid because it’s crunch timeee.

so far we’ve got some starters, some entrees, and some lovely desserts so it’s guaranteed to be wonderful, but don’t forget to donate! Bring a few dollars to the meeting on Wednesday to support the cause and if you forget- don’t worry, you can offer a donation at the dinner itself! You would even get a homemade aphrodisiac cookbook in return !! Hot damn.

Other cool stuff you might like:

The sneak peak of Nancy Grossman’s Tough Life Diary was amazing; the opening of her show was this past Saturday, but if you missed it- stop by the Tang. The exhibit dealt with a lot of pertinent BARE themes like the feminist movement and sensuality so I bet you’ll find it interesting. Her pieces may seem overtly sexual, but if you look a little longer there’s a lot of depth and complexity to them.

Also, the Tang is bangin seriously if you haven’t gotten to check it out it’s really lovely. After the Nancy Grossman tour we got a peak at one of Donald Moffett’s pieces which was incredible as well. His exhibit The Extravagant Vein also opened this past Saturday. Take your time with his art, granted- do this with all art, but especially his. Hopefully you’ll uncover some hidden meanings behind the works. hint

In the futaaa: 

If you missed our conversation on religion and sex or if you want to discuss it further we’re going to be having a separate meeting on it outside of the normal BARE time in the upcoming weeks in a collaboration with the Christian Fellowship and Hillel clubs- more details on that later.

Anyways, eat some sexy food, check out some art and hopefully we’ll see you Wednesday!

(By the way after the eating portion of the dinner DJ Anonymous may stop and spin that shit so get ready to grind out all that sexual frustration. How great is that?)


We need an Art Editor, a Literary Editor, and two Layout Editors

  • if you’re interested prepare a little something to say about what experience you may have and what you will bring to the bare e-board, how much you love bare, you know the dealio


The APHRODISIAC DINNER is so soon! Next Thursday ya’ll Feb 23 so if you feel comfortable, feel free to donate a dollar (or more.) tonight at da meeting to help the cause. 

  • if you’re cooking remember to try and make something dinner-ish just so we don’t end up with 8 different kinds of cookies, 3 cakes, and one salad. Let’s mix it up kids.

Also one more event- check out the sneak peak tour of Nancy Grossman’s Tough Life Diary this Thursday, Feb 16 which will be followed by a discussion on sexuality in art hosted by BARE! (that’s us)

So be there. How could you not?

Everyone should also come to the Vagina Monologues this Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 7PM and/or Sunday 2PM.

Check out more on the best kind of v day here 

In other news- here’s a super awesome clip on dirty talk that the wonderful Miguel Gonzales wanted to share with the group. It’s from the movie Bent where two homosexual prisoners of the Holocaust fall in love. It’s really beautifully done- check it out:

And make sure to come to the meeting tonight on sex dreams!


Down and Dirty Talk

The first meeting was definitely a huge success! There was an incredible turnout, it may have been the biggest meeting we’ve ever had in the entire HISTORY OF BARE. Good work kids.

Before we get into the theme of the first meeting: Dirty Talk, there are some more future plans I want to go over again. There were of a bunch of great ideas for future meetings, some that we planned to cover last semester but never got to and a few new ones, including:

  • power play
  • aseuxuality
  • text sex/ cyber sex (chat roulette?!)
  • kama sutra
  • kinks and fetishes
  • religion and sex
  • monogamy/polyamory

and a whole lot more so if any of those topics interest you, make sure to come by, meetings are Wednesdays at 8:15 in Ladd 206! we may even have to move to a bigger room soon… but for now that’s where they will stay.

And don’t forget about the aphrodisiac dinner- coming soon! We don’t know when yet.. but we’re working on it. It should definitely happen within a month, hopefully less. We will also be constructing an aphrodisiac cookbook that will be sold to raise money for the club so look out for that as well.


So the scoop is that dirty talk can almost be whatever you want, it’s all in how you present it. Some even consider it a rite of passage to addressing your sexuality as a person. It can be extremely empowering if used well. If not… well I know I’ve had some awkward experiences with it, but just keep a light heart about it and move on. Sex can be funny, and that’s fine! Keep an open mind.

A way to be a bit more comfortable with talking dirty to your partner(s) is to roleplay! Now this may seem like movement into a more extreme direction BUT if you take a step outside of yourself, you may find it much easier to let go and say whatever you want. Get some outfits and really create a production if you want. Do it up. As was said in the meeting “You don’t know if it’s up your alley until it’s up your alley” and that can be a wonderful thing. And don’t restrict the fantasy to simply personalities, change the setting, hell change the time period. Who wouldn’t want to fuck in Paris in the 1920’s? Hot.

Be wary that if role play becomes a frequent part of sexual play, there could be a disconnect between partners. Make sure to pay attention to this and know if you really like having sex with Joe, not just his alter egos Francois, Big Rick, and Jamal.

To start integrating dirty talk into your sex life feel free to just say what you want. Some consider that simple direction, but it can definitely be spicy for others. For example: “harder” can turn into “flip me over and fuck me harder with that huge cock!!$#!”

see the difference?

And yelling isn’t necessary either, whispering can be a really sexy alternative, tell them what you’re about to do, how you feel, how you’re going to make them feel. Communication is key guys, you know this. You could even say it in a different language, a few people mentioned that this takes some of the pressure off.

If you have trouble vocalizing, period, sexting is a great place to start. Back in AOL chat room days cybering was my shit, for real. I guess that was the beginning of my role playing too because I definitely was rarely myself. So I would know that typing something out is a lot easier that saying it aloud. Starting the communication there will eventually lead to some fun- and sometimes surprising- results in bed. If you want, bring it back to paper and pen and write them a sexy poem to find in their coat pocket. Warm up their day! It’s fucking cold out.

Look out for the BARE Cubs soon, I believe they were printed today. The theme was “What do you say to feel sexy”. Surely there will a few in there that you can use to start gettin dirty.

Good luck!! PYOT and be merry. Thanks to VP Brie, the newest Bare Cub has “Lemon” by Pablo Neruda in the back which was mentioned in the meeting, and so I’ll leave you with this poem by E.E. Cummings:

“Lady I Will Touch You”

Lady, I will touch you with my mind.

Touch you and touch and touch
until you give
me suddenly a smile, shyly obscene

(lady i will
touch you with my mind.) Touch
you,that is all,

lightly and you utterly will become
with infinite care

the poem which i do not write.