Sun’s Out, Buns Out

Hello hello! I hope you’re all enjoying this incredible weather because it’s supposed to get less summer, more spring next week :(

We have a whole lot of UPCOMING EVENTS!

  • Social Justice Week begins next week with the kickoff this Saturday at 8PM in Filene with a lot of really great fun stuff including some collaborative poems, some step team performance and other wonderful things.
  • In lieu of Social Justice Week, Tuesday is Domestic Violence Awareness Day 
    • there will be a panel on the legal system and domestic violence 
    • also a screening of Crime After Crime 
    • and a Flash Mob reading of Eve Ensler’s “Over It” poem in the Spa from 12-12:30 so pleeease come if you’re interested in helping !
  • On that same day- Tuesday if you couldn’t keep up- there will be an interest meeting for QUEER TAKEOVER at 8PM in the Spa. The actual event is next Thursday, don’t get it twisted.


The deadline has been extended to April 1st. So you have a little extra time to fix up those pieces that you’ve obviously already started and are dangerously close to perfecting.

If you have any art that you’d like photographed please contact our gracious art editor Victoria who has volunteered to come to the studio or even your house to take pictures of it for the publication. You may contact her at vmangani@skid!

Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely weekend :)