So soon. This Thursday 2/23 at 8:30PM

If you signed up to make something and you haven’t been contacted about it, please email Lily at lmangani@skid or me at cwalker1@skid because it’s crunch timeee.

so far we’ve got some starters, some entrees, and some lovely desserts so it’s guaranteed to be wonderful, but don’t forget to donate! Bring a few dollars to the meeting on Wednesday to support the cause and if you forget- don’t worry, you can offer a donation at the dinner itself! You would even get a homemade aphrodisiac cookbook in return !! Hot damn.

Other cool stuff you might like:

The sneak peak of Nancy Grossman’s Tough Life Diary was amazing; the opening of her show was this past Saturday, but if you missed it- stop by the Tang. The exhibit dealt with a lot of pertinent BARE themes like the feminist movement and sensuality so I bet you’ll find it interesting. Her pieces may seem overtly sexual, but if you look a little longer there’s a lot of depth and complexity to them.

Also, the Tang is bangin seriously if you haven’t gotten to check it out it’s really lovely. After the Nancy Grossman tour we got a peak at one of Donald Moffett’s pieces which was incredible as well. His exhibit The Extravagant Vein also opened this past Saturday. Take your time with his art, granted- do this with all art, but especially his. Hopefully you’ll uncover some hidden meanings behind the works. hint

In the futaaa: 

If you missed our conversation on religion and sex or if you want to discuss it further we’re going to be having a separate meeting on it outside of the normal BARE time in the upcoming weeks in a collaboration with the Christian Fellowship and Hillel clubs- more details on that later.

Anyways, eat some sexy food, check out some art and hopefully we’ll see you Wednesday!

(By the way after the eating portion of the dinner DJ Anonymous may stop and spin that shit so get ready to grind out all that sexual frustration. How great is that?)