Upcoming Events!

HI! It’s been a minute. I wanted to talk to you, I hope you’re well. There is SO much coming up in the next couple of months so here I am to inform you:

First and foremost we are beginning Body Art Love which is going to be headed by the fabulous VP Seth Johnstone. We’re going to begin casting THIS WEEK! (Oct 22-26) So look out for emails about that. We’re also trying to have a lil sexy casting party too so look out for that– maybe Thursday? EDIT: This is a thing. It’s happening this Th, we’ll update you all on the location at the meeting and via email if you can’t make the meeting.  (no classes on Friday hollaaa, and to my fellow Hunters- I salute you) . If ya haven’t heard, Body Art Love is a celebration of bodies. This gives participants an opportunity to cast a much loved or much hated body part in a papier-mâché like material and then paint and decorate that cast and hang it around campus as a celebratory art installment. COOL! I know you want to be a part of that so come hang out and dip your bits in some goo with us. 

-We’re trying to have another installment of the ever so popular Aphrodisiac Dinner, EDIT: the dinner will be Wednesday, November 7th!!

-Our biggest event this semester is definitely TAKE BACK THE NIGHT which will be after sundown on Sunday, November 18th. Take Back the Night is a rally that we’re putting on to raise awareness and combat sexual violence. The night will consist of a candlelight vigil, some A Capella, some bands, the incredible spoken word artist Kelly Tai, and more! So please come support the cause.

In lieu of that– we need money. So much money. And we’re definitely working on it BUT if you have any cool fundraising ideas, give a twist and a shout. PS thank you to everyone who supported the bake sale this past week!! Whether you helped bake or you bought something, you’re awesome and we made some money! 

-Last but certainly not least, we made the Skidmore Spur! (the naked calendar) I mean we were a shoe in but’s it’s still exciting. So I don’t know when that will be but start moisturizing because we don’t need any ashy knees in this calendar. Also, people are going to be looking at your naked ass for a whole month so consider that.

Here are some gems to chew on from last weeks meeting on PANSEXUALITY:

  • Pansexuals are really just equal opportunity lovers
  • Before you consider a label- can you really summarize your sexuality into one word?
  • Do you want to sleep with everyone of your preferred gender? No? Then why do you think that pansexuals are fucking everyone? Guess what. They’re not.

Here’s a cool article that was brought up on dating someone who transitioned:

The Anatomy of a Break Up

And gender-fluidity in children:

What’s So Bad About a Boy That Wants to Wear a Dress?

And here’s a song I downloaded just to put on a sex playlist. Enjoy! See you Wednesday 8PM, Ladd 206