Isn’t penultimate a great word? Think about it.

At our next meeting on Tuesday, Dec 6th, we will be holding elections for the following positions on the Executive Board for Spring 2012.  Anyone is welcome to run for a position, so you should just DO IT! Simply email and let her know that you are interested in running so we can put you on the ballot for Tuesday’s meeting.  Come prepared to say a little something about yourself and why you are qualified for this position (even though we know you all are, of course).

President/Co-President: Responsible for planning and running weekly meetings, and for heading any activism committees.  Also responsible for overseeing the magazine release in the spring.

Vice President: Helps to prepare events and meetings, and creates the baby cub

Secretary: Takes notes during meetings, does organizational things for the club, and THE BLOGGER!!

Treasurer: deals with tha fund$

At the beginning of the Spring semester there will be new elections for Art Editor, Literary Editor, and Layout Design, so if you are more interested in heading the magazine then these are the positions for you :)

In the meanwhile, you should all go to the Tang from 12-6 pm on Thursday, Dec 1st (OH WAIT, that’s today!! quick, RUN! …it’s never too late…) to see Untitled, a film created by Jim Hodges, Carlos Marques da Cruz and Encke King.  It is a montage that recalls the passionate activism that began in the early years of the AIDS crisis.  Many museums and arts organizations across the country will be showing this video today, so don’t miss out!

You should also procrastinate learn some more and read this article from the New York Times called, Teaching Good Sex. It follows Al Vernacchio, a high school teacher at Friends’ Central school in Philadelphia, who has a class called Sexuality and Society in which they discuss topics like how to recognize and form your own values, sexual orientation, safer sex, relationships, sexual health, and the emotional and physical terrain of sexual activity.  After reading the article all I could think was, “this is the kind of sex education I want my kids to have.” I felt like that crazy person who is always talking about her not yet born kids, but am I right?  Abstinence based sex education is worthless.



Look!!! We made our very first Bare Mini-Mag thanks to the wonderful Lily Manganiello and those who answered the question, “What does sex mean to you?” at our last meeting.   Below are only a few pages from the mag so if you missed it this time around make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next neon issue lying around campus in the near future. Here’s some quick info for those who are attending SlutWalk THIS SATURDAY, OCT 1st in NYC!

Bus leaves @ 7 am

Behind Case Center

Arrive in NYC at 11am, walk starts at noon in Union Square

Bring 10$ to the meeting tomorrow if you are one of the lucky 55 people who got a seat on the bus!  

What does the word sex mean to you?

BARE supports SlutWalk

History of SlutWalk


Do the words sex, gender, pornography, hooking up, pubic hair, orgasms, or fetishes strike a chord with you?  If so (whether positive or negative) you should probably come to the first BARE meeting of the Fall 2011 semester on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 13th in Ladd 207 @ 8:15 pm (meetings are no longer in the weird conference room, PHEW).  We will be discussing goals for the semester, meeting our new leaders, and brainstorming new sex(y) topics.  We love to see old faces and new faces so don’t be hesitant if you’ve never been before, or even if you feel like you stalk the BARE club (no such thing)…it’s a welcoming atmosphere! If you can’t make the meeting and want to be added to the email list to come to future ones or be caught up on events, comment on this blog post with your email and you will be added pronto.

…ohhhh and we’ll also be giving out the last few remaining COLOR copies of Volume 2 of BARE, so ya better be there to snag one!

Labiaplastys? Male Vaginas? GENITALIA!

At the meeting on 3/23 we dedicated the entire discussion to genitalia, a.k.a we talked about penises and vaginas on female, male, and transgendered bodies for an hour. What could be better?! We started off by watching some videos to show a variety of perspectives on genitalia.

We saw The Labiaplasty You Never Knew You Wanted to give us a look into the wide range of what Labias really look like and how our perceptions of them are skewed due to photo shopping of women in many magazines that show frontal nudity.
WARNING: there are some explicit surgery scenes of labiaplastys, so If you get queasy watching classic Nip/Tuck scenes, overt your eyes!

Colonel Dicks? Seargent Dicks?

Next, we watched a short clip from the perfectly named Private Dicks), which showed testimonials of men talking about their penises and how their penis size effects their self esteem in and out of the bedroom.

Lastly, we perused the website of Buck Angel, one of the first female to male transgendered porn stars who identifies with the male gender as well as his vagina.

If you missed the discussion or have something else to add please comment about any of these videos or anything pertaining to the topic of genitalia! IF YOU ARE INSPIRED, SUBMIT SOMETHING ABOUT GENITALIA TO THE MAGAZINE!!!! A description, story, third person narrative from the perspective of your genitalia…..get creative!

Reminder: Deadline to submit is April 3rd, it’s VERY quickly approaching so get on it!

What do you want to try?

In last week’s meeting we asked people to write down something that they would like to try sexually. Here are some of the responses…

“sex in the shower”
“I want to have an orgasm”
“To be dominated with whips and chains”
“Blindfolding and hand tying in a threesome”
“Being on top”
“Record sex act”
“Public group sex under the stars”
“I really want to get down with a girl. Problem is, I have a boyfriend.”

Leave something that you would like to try in the comment section!

Also, Skidmore is famous! …for promoting masturbation…. What do you think?